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    Pure Sreemanal Gardent Tea

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Why take tea from here?

We live with the tea leaves of the improved garden of Sreemangal. Which we do with the consumers by sorting and lab testing

What kind of tea are we giving?

We are offering high-quality tea for tea lovers. Especially Homebase and office beige tea.

What is our purpose?

We want every consumer to get Sreemangal's original tea leaves. We want to give you at least 500 grams of tea leaves.

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If you have any questions about tea leaves and the tea business, you can call any number to know the details. Call time is from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm..

Also if you want to know more about us or if you want to join us as a merchant every Day then you can come directly to our office or shop. Our office is open on all days except Saturdays.

Our goal

Our goal is very unique, maybe you will agree with us.

Shidur Rahman

Tea is a royal drink, tea has different tastes, flavors, and benefits. Keeping pace with the times, we are trying to bring you more advanced blades of tea. I hope you will be by my side.

Shaidur Rahman

CEO- Rebnal Tea

Rejaul Karim

We try to make tea leaves richer and have different incomparable flavors. So that you can get satisfaction by drinking tea. We also do research all the time in our lab on how to give you more advanced tea as a gift.

Rejaul Karim

Tea Taster- Rebnal Tea


We work tirelessly in Dhaka and outside Dhaka. This is the reason why we want to put the best tea in your mouth. All our hard work goes away when you love our tea. This is how I want to serve you all the time.

Kamrul Hasan Rassel

Head OF Merketing 

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Surely you have understood a little. And we tried to give you a little idea about tea. Then why are you late? Buy your favorite tea leaves from here. And enjoy a unique tea from Tea Shop (Rebnal Tea Company).

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