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White Tea

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White Tea is being produced in Bangladesh. With the production of white Tea, buyers are buying a lot more. There is a lot of difference between our traditional Tea, i.e. ‘Black-Tea’ or ‘Tea of ​​another different process.’ Both black and green are slightly black. But there is a hint of white in the leaves of the white Tea. Read about the process and benefits of white Tea here:

 How to make white Tea

 White Tea requires a tea plant. That means that the bud has not yet blossomed. This special Tea is made after processing the closed buds one by one from the tea tree. White-Tea

 The color of this Tea is bile-yellow or yellow-like brass.

White Tea

  Its main colors are green and yellow. The reason it is called white is that it has white hair. Some call it ‘Silver Needle White Tea’ or white Tea like a silver needle.

 Tough quality control is taken in the extraction of this tea leaf. The leaves cannot contain any water. Leaf picking has to be completed between 5 am and 6 am—leaf picking time in September-October and February-March.

 Benefits of White Tea

 White Tea is extremely beneficial for the human body. It contains a lot of antioxidants, which maintain youth, relieve fatigue, and refresh the mind. Another special feature is that this Tea reduces fat. However, White Tea has the most benefits.

  •  Boosts the immune system
  • Reduction reduces the risk of colon cancer
  • Controls lower cholesterol and blood pressure

 So keep White Tea with your daily meal from today and keep yourself well.

 The price of white Tea

 There are different types of white Tea. The price of that white Tea depends on it. When the brokers first auctioned the white Tea from Bangladesh Tea Board, its price was 6500 / – TO 25000 / –  Taka. Later the price was further increased.

Supply White Tea Production

  •  First Flush White Tea: The first flush of tea in Bangladesh is defined as the first picking of the tea plant harvest season. Picked during the first flush, the new leaves are the youngest and most tender part of the tea plant and are said to be the purest and freshest cup of tea.

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5 reviews for White Tea

  1. Andro

    I believe they’ll only continue to do great things, and hopefully, become a staple within our community.. this is best white tea

  2. Alo Mahfuza

    This has to be one of my favourite teas
    No bitterness just light and delicate .
    I would recommend tea lovers to definitely try this white tea.

  3. Raju Alhed

    This is now my go to tea. I have always been an avid Earl Grey Fan but sampled this tea at a high end hotel in Edinburgh (who were kind enough to tell me where to purchase it!) and haven’t looked back! You can re blend the leaves 3 times, so a small amount lasts me all day in a pot.

    The flavour is very light without ever being overpowering and each blend gives off a different taste without ever being too weak. Simply the best for me.

  4. Shilpi

    This is a tea that brews to a pale colour with quite a strong flavour and it is very refreshing and a nice change from Japanese Sencha and Houjicha which I drink frequently.

  5. Mahfuza

    This is an incredibly delicate tea with a beautiful gentle taste. I have found it perfect for that mid afternoon slump, very restorative.

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