BTRI Green Tea Special

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Green Tea –2.50 Gm pure sreemangal Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTRI).

Packet: Loose Green Tea –500 Gm pure sreemangal Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTRI). NB: Good quality 100% check and this special green tea.

Delivery : Dhaka City 1 Day.

Outside Dhaka: 2 Day.

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BTRI Green Tea Special-500 Gm pure sreemangal Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTRI). Green Tea contains tannins, which gives green tea its astringent flavor. They have antioxidant and antibacterial elements in them that are very much effective for health. It also contains caffeine, a few vital vitamins called vitamin B, C, E, and many other ingredients like theanine, alkalinity, fluorine,saponins, etc.

  • For hundreds of years, green tea has been considered to be the beauty drink for East
    Asian women. They claim green tea is their fountain of youth for which they never seem
    to age. Not for beauty only, green tea is proven to have several health benefits too
    which are significant.
  • Green tea stimulates a fat burning hormone in the body known as norepinephrine, which
    helps people to lose weight over time. It clears your intestinal system well which not
    only benefits your stomach, but also clears your skin. Moreover, green tea has
    polyphenols which helps to fight against cancers.
  • Additionally, green tea has a tremendous amount of antioxidant which helps to fight
    acne causing bacteria on the face and body, and other skin infections. The skin remains
    plump and youthful as green tea contains vitamin E and vitamin B2 in it.
    The catechin in green tea is great for oral health as it helps to fight plaque and bad
    breath. Moreover, green tea boosts energy level and improves mood by stimulating the


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