BT-2 Tea

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  •  Packet Size: 500gm 2 bage total: 1 Kg
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  • Delivery Time: Inside Dhaka 1 Day. Outside Dhaka 2 Day.
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You need to know what BT- 2 Tea leaves are first and why Bt2 tea leaves.  In fact, BT2 is not a scientific name for tea, it is made from GBOP and BOP tea.  BT2 is the name given to any Blender.  Tea Blender means one who makes tea.

That’s why this tea is called BT-2 ?In fact, when BT2 tea leaves were bladed, an incomparable taste and aroma was created, so he came up with a different name for the quality of this tea.  Which is BT2 tea leaves.

Characteristics of this Bt tea:

  • Bt-2 tea tastes, liqueurs, aromas are all great
  • Enough for home or office and tea lovers
  • This BT-2 tea is good for those who like milk tea just like they want milk

You can order this BT-2 tea leaf directly here at low price.  We will deliver your original BT-2 tea leaves to you.

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