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Fenning Orthodox Tea

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There are thousands of varieties of tea in the world, tea is an ancient drink that is connected to all families. Fenning Orthodox Tea We make some premium for tea lovers. People who understand the value of tea and buy it out of love for tea. The tea market in Bangladesh is huge, but most people do not consume or have access to good tea. So we are determined to bring the first quality tea in Bangladesh to the people through Tea Shop BD.

Fenning Orthodox Tea terms of use

⊗Brewing Guide

Qty of Tea

 Take 1 gram to 2 grams of tea in a teaspoon

Water Temperature

First, boil the tea to 80℃ – 85℃ degree temperature.


You steep in the cup of tea for a maximum of 3-4 minutes.

Best Brewed

Place a tray over the teacup and drink hot or cold tea at the end.
Tasting Notes
Below are some details of what we got after testing this tea. You may not agree with us on making your tea. Because there can be many reasons other than water-related, humidity, and teapot.


Taupe blackish semi-rolled
long stylish leaves with secure tips


After making light black color and brown color
tea, the tea leaves are boiled as before


Light Black

Fenning Orthodox Tea can mix anything

Of course, it is better if you drink Fenning Orthodox Tea tea without sugar. Fenning Orthodox Tea with cloves, Lemon, cinnamon, aloes, or honey will give good results. Also, you can only drink tea.

Fenning Orthodox Tea Benefits

Natural orthodox black tea recorded low caffeine and high antioxidant content. This tea helps in weight loss and cleanses and purifies the body of toxins and waste, thereby boosting your metabolism and energy levels throughout the day.

  • To manufacture premium orthodox tea, tea leaves are harvested manually from the Camellia sinensis plant and processed in the traditional “Orthodox” way. The gentle treatment is best suited to the inherently sensitive nature of the finely plucked.
  • Our teas are produced in small batches.
  • equifarmtea comes directly from small tea farmers. Green tea leaves from the gardens of small tea growers are processed in the manufacturing units owned by them.
  • We assure traceability and social and environmental sustainability.
  • equifarmtea is natural.
  • The tea plants are not from genetically modified seeds.

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