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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Tea

We always have high-quality tea leaves for you. Which you and your family want. We, the select people of Srimangal, collect high-quality tea leaves from the tea garden and give them to you.

We always want to give suitable tea leaves as a gift for tea lovers in Bangladesh. We make tea for home or office. Where you can order Srimangal tea leaves from here as per your need sitting at home and getting home delivery.

We always try to make you drink good tea. Which is completely chemical-free and tested in the lab. We have also created a tea shop with the help of a few entrepreneurs. Which will easily deliver original tea leaves to tea lovers by ordering online.

Our Company

Tea has been around for thousands of years. There are very few people who do not like to drink tea. Due to the high demand for tea in the market, many companies are working to deliver the right tea to consumers. In the same way, we are always trying to give you the gift of good tea.


We purchase tea leaf sacks from Bangladesh Tea Board through auction bid. Then we deliver them to the consumers of Bangladesh.

Our job

We first worked on the tea industry in Bangladesh. By buying tea by bidding at every auction, it is delivered to others as a sack. Then we work on blending and marketing to our brand. In this way, we give dealership in different districts of Bangladesh.

Our esteemed CEO's thoughts are always different. So the tea shop is made according to his thoughts. The reason is: for those who drink tea at home or in the office to deliver fragrant and flavored tea.

Our thoughts

Many customers come to Sreemangal and take the tea home here. But then he starts looking for this tea again, but can't find it.

So through Tea Shop, we are delivering BT Gold, TG, Clone Tea Leaves starting from a minimum of 500 grams to 10 kg of Tea Leaves at your home with home delivery. Which is a very simple and easy online method.

Tea lovers are increasing day by day. If you don't have a cup of tea, your morning or afternoon is not frozen. So the tea shop team is working for you all the time. Hopefully, you will buy tea from us and give us encouragement.

Tea Shop is an online-based company of Rebnal Tea Company. Whose job is to deliver advanced tea leaves among you at wholesale prices. Hopefully, Rebnal and Tea Shop will go a long way through you.

This desire remained.

Our Team

Our team works all the time centering on tea. All our dreams are about tea. I want to give you the best-blended tea leaves. We do research on them, do marketing, and try to offer them at a lower price. Besides, I keep them in my head so that you can get tea while sitting at home.

Shidur Rahman

Shaidur Rahman

Co-Founder & CEO


Kamrul Hasan Rassel

Marketing & Business Development

Rejaul Karim

Rejaul Karim

Tea Taster & Accounts 

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You read and knew everything about us. Hopefully your purchase will depend on giving us more encouragement and our family food. That is why we are providing service. We know that if you are a tea lover then you must buy tea leaves from us.

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