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TG Gold – 01 Kg

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  • Category: Tea Gold ( Black Tea)
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TG Glod black tea category. Perfect blend and good liquor. TG Glod sells cheap rates for any customer.

How is black tea made?

The leaves, the leaves are cut and dried and then powdered. It is oxidized before being hydrated. The enzymes in the leaves are then oxidized, and the leaves turn dark brown. These are more fragrant. Green tea leaves are completely natural, while black tea leaves are irritating and oxidizing.

What is TG Gold Tea?

 TG Gold tea ( Tea Gold) is the new inventor of tea. The taste is incomparable, and the smell is perfect. This TG Gold tea made with advanced blades will make your mind energized and refreshed.

Tea Gold

 How useful is tea?

 One cup of tea to relieve fatigue is not comparable. And tea has an unimaginable attraction. Many of us do not know much about the quality of tea. Nowadays, scientists say, tea also has benefits in preventing cancer. However, it is not yet time to say anything definite about this. However, some components of tea to protect the DNA of animal cells. This reduces the risk of cancer. What, not believing? Read the National Tea Institutework  of America’s article on ‘Tea and Cancer’ (


 Some tips on drinking tea:

  •  Tea contains a chemical called epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG), which is a very effective anti-oxidant. It is 100 times more effective than vitamin C. It protects the DNA cell in such a way that it does not undergo the effects of cancer.
  •  Tea is relatively good because it is made by steaming and drying tea leaves.
  •  Tea EGCG inhibits the production of an enzyme called urokinase. This enzyme helps increase the number of cancer cells (see Reader’s Digest, 1801 Home Remedies, p. 422).
  • Only tea is more beneficial. Of course, tea with a milk-sugar mixture tastes better. However, scientists say more about light red tea.
  •  The best way to make tea is to let the water boil for a while. Then remove from the oven and cover the kettle with one teaspoon for each cup of water so that the tea does not get cold. Pour into cups after four to five minutes.


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  1. Abdul High

    ভালো মানের চা বিক্রেতা । টি গোল্ড টা খুবই ভালো।

  2. masuma

    sotti osadharon tea gold

  3. নাসিম কামাল

    অসাধারন ছিল আপনাদের এই টি গোল্ট চা। আর ডেলিভারি সার্ভিসও অনেক ভাল

  4. pk zaman

    Tea gold tea is a best. thanks Tea Shop

  5. khairul Kabir

    Your tea is really good. My family and I are drinking this tea. Your Tea Gold tea is now a member of our family. I drink tea regularly in the morning, afternoon and night.

    • admin (verified owner)

      thanks for tea review

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