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Yellow Tea

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Our yellow tea is an authentic rare organic tea from the Panchagarh plains. This is a gorgeous Bangladeshi tea with a complex sensory profile, revealing the presence of floral notes and a touch of roasted chestnut. High quality can also be perceived by the color of the leaves, which have more yellow tones than inferior quality teas. Only a bud and one or two young leafy shoots are harvested for its production.

Yellow tea is the most representative tea in the tea shop bid category. This tea paid homage to the emperors of Bangladesh for more than a hundred years. Its production increased significantly towards the end of the last century as it was increasingly sought after by professionals and tea lovers. This yellow tea comes from Panchagarh, an agricultural region in the north of Bangladesh. The best tea gardens of Panchgarh are located near the Darjeeling area and are famous for producing high-quality aromatic green tea.


For those who prefer high-quality green tea, Tea Shop Bead’s yellow tea can be a lovely option. It is much smoother and less astringent than green tea, making it ideal for people with sensitive stomachs. This roundness of taste of turmeric tea is due to a particular stage of its preparation. Its production process is similar to that of green tea, but the wok is heated to a lower temperature during the panning process. As a result, the water does not evaporate as quickly as in green tea, and the leaves remain tender and slightly moist. They are wrapped in special paper for very light fermentation. The process continues until the yellow color of the leaves is obtained and the distinctive herbal notes of green tea are gone.

leaf yellow tea
leaf yellow tea

Yellow tea is more difficult to produce than green tea, and only a small number of producers have the necessary knowledge of the process. This is one of the main reasons why it is one of the hardest teas to find. Turmeric tea is no longer produced in large quantities and is quite expensive. Yet it offers a wonderful sensory experience for those looking for a unique and special tea.

Products Description

Names: Yellow Tea
Origin:  Panchagarh Organic Gardent
Leaf: Large needle-like leaves of a light yellow-green colour
Aroma:  Refreshing, floral, with a touch of chestnut
Liquor:  Pale yellow
Taste: Sweet and refreshing with toasted notes and a long-lasting aftertaste


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1kg, 200Gm, 500Gm

3 reviews for Yellow Tea

  1. kamal akul

    This tea has a wonderful taste and the price is reasonable.

  2. Edord Elly

    Love this tea. The shipping is fast and the tea itself is delicious, lasts a while, and is a great value. This is my 4th order and this product is a staple for me now.

  3. Farnando

    So far best tasting loose-leaf Yellow Tea I have found. I ordered a trial bag which was reasonably priced and the bag itself was sturdy and easy to reseal. I will be ordering again.

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