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Best Clone Tea And Online Price

What is a clone Tea?

Clone tea leaves are high-class tea leaves. Like many other countries in the world, Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTRI) has discovered cloned tea. This tea has not been cloned from any tea plant as it has been given a clonal name. Clonal tea is just a name that has been used with the name of high-quality tea.

Clone Tea Prize in Bangladesh

The price of clonal tea is much higher. There is no information that you will find clone tea among the packaged teas in the market. But you can get clone tea in the middle of High Blend’s tea. In particular, the price of clone tea is determined by the tea garden. Clone tea from gardens that are good for tea is a little more expensive. But since you are looking for a good clone tea, I would suggest you drink this clone tea.

If you think the price of this clone tea is comparatively higher then you can take even lower-priced clone tea. Let me give you an idea, you will get clone tea in Bangladesh with a minimum price of 200 / – to 360 / -. Also, the price of bladed clone tea leaves may be higher.
Features of Clone Tea:

There are many types of clone tea leaves. You will understand if you have drunk clone tea before. And if you are new to tea then this article is for you. If you do not notice the following, then you can easily understand clone tea.

  • Medium granulated tea
  • Tea color is brown and light black
  • You will get a nice scent in the tea
  • Tea size is GBOP
  • The price of tea is a little higher

Benefits and quality of clone tea:

In fact, all types of tea have benefits. However, due to the different types of tea lovers, the grades of tea are also different. Some people like BT-2, some people like T-Gold, and some people like Green Tea. It is not possible to determine the quality of tea due to individual preferences. But in my eyes all kinds of tea are good. If the blend is OK. And if we go to write about the quality of cloned tea, it will come out as follows:

  • Tea dark liqueur
  • Milk tea is very beautiful
  • The smell of tea is very beautiful
  • The taste of tea is very nice
  • CD Dust Tea
    CD Dust Tea
    Product on sale
    ৳  320.00
    • GBP: 2.38 £
    • USD: $ 2.91
  • Tea Gold
    TG Gold – 01 Kg
    Product on sale
    ৳  590.00
    • GBP: 4.38 £
    • USD: $ 5.36
  • BT-2 Tea Photo
    BT-2 Tea 01 Kg
    Product on sale
    ৳  600.00
    • GBP: 4.46 £
    • USD: $ 5.46
  • Clone Tea- 01 Kg
    Clone Tea- 01 Kg
    Product on sale
    ৳  550.00
    • GBP: 4.09 £
    • USD: $ 5.00
  • Orthodox Tea
    Orthodox Tea-500Gm
    Product on sale
    ৳  850.00
    • GBP: 6.32 £
    • USD: $ 7.73
  • Premium Blend
    Premium Blend Tea
    Product on sale
    ৳  630.00
    • GBP: 4.68 £
    • USD: $ 5.73

In fact, when it comes to writing about clonal tea, that’s all there is to it. However, I may have been able to give you a little knowledge about clonal tea leaves. And which tea you like will depend on you. You can order Clone Premium Tea and any tea to get home delivery to your home from our website.

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What to look for before starting a tea leaf business

New entrepreneurs are now leaning towards the tea leaf business.  Most entrepreneurs or traders do not do market research before starting a tea leaf business.  Again many new traders and entrepreneurs stormed out of the market after starting the tea leaf business.  There are many reasons for this, those issues will be discussed today.  The article will give a lot of good gifts for tea traders.  Hopefully, you will read the article carefully.

Before starting a tea leaf business

If you choose the tea leaf business as a new business then you need to have an adequate amount of marketing ideas.  You also need to know which brand of tea leaves you will be marketing with.  You will also see whether those companies or tea houses have BSTI licenses, trademarks, tea board licenses, and original documents.  You will also see your position on whether you can buy and sell tea leaves from that company or tea house.

Select and view your area

Before starting a tea leaf business, visit the tea stalls in your area and see how many tea leaf branding there are in your area and at what price they are selling tea in the market.  And of course, one thing to note is the size of the tea leaves in your area.  It is important to note that different sizes of tea leaves are available in different departments, districts, police stations, and even at the union level.  Let’s look at some descriptions of tea leaves in different areas in the table.

 Name of the department: Grade or type of tea

DivisionTea size
Rangpur DivisionBOP, OF Dust
Rajshahi DivisionCD Dust, Dust
Khulna DivisionCD Dust, RD, Dust
Barisal DivisionPD, GBOP, DM
Mymensingh DivisionPF, OF, GBOP
Sylhet DivisionBOP, GBOP, PD
Dhaka DivisionBOP, DM, GBOP, PD
Chattagram DivisionBOP, GBOP
Tea Size And Market Analytics Of Bangladesh

The table above gives the idea of having the most tea.  Besides, these tea runs in the tea stalls but other teas like BOP, GBOP, OF, PF tea, and tea bag are most popular in the home and office.  Since you will be marketing at Hotel / Tea stall, follow the grades on the table.

How much to buy tea

You visit the tea stalls in your area above and find out about the price of tea leaves.  Depending on that you buy tea leaves.  We sell tea leaves in three categories

  • Sale of tea leaves with sacks
  • Sale of tea leaves at Ready Blade
  • Sell tea leaves in their own packets

In the above 3 ways, we sell tea leaves for the convenience of our customers.  As if every one of our customers is comfortable to buy and also comfortable to sell.

Sale of tea leaves with sacks

We buy and sell tea leaves from various gardens through auctions.  For this, we need departmental customers who buy tea leaves with sacks.  It is our responsibility to select the best garden tea and deliver it to the consumers.  Consumers buy tea leaf sacks and sell them in their own packets with blades at their convenience.

 Ready Blend Tea Leaf Sale

We sell ready-blended tea leaves for the convenience of our customers.  On the one hand, it is within the reach of our customers as well as the price.  And Ready Blade Tea Leaves We try to keep the same quality all year round.  For this, we have our own tester and lab.  I test every ready-blend tea lab.  Consumers buy ready-blended tea leaves and sell them packaged in their own packets.

 I give the tea leaf dealer in my own packet

Many of us take our Rebnal Brand tea leaves from police stations and district-based dealers.  Having our dealer does not mean that we will give sales representatives, yes we do have representatives in some places who take tea leaf dealers with our deposit.  Most of them buy tea leaves from us at wholesale prices and earn money by marketing themselves.  You can also buy and sell tea leaves from us at wholesale prices if no one in our area works with tea leaves.

 What else to notice in the tea leaf business

There are many things to note in the tea leaf business.  And if you don’t monitor everything, you are more likely to fall behind.  The most important thing to note is that you can’t make more profit by buying this business temptation or tea leaves at a lower price.  You will see various tempting posts on various blogs including Facebook, and YouTube, but you will not pay attention to them or fall into their trap.  Then your risk of falling is 95% higher.  You buy and sell good quality and well-priced tea leaves.  That way you will continue and your family will continue and the worship will not be wasted.

Tea leaf question answer episode How do I start a tea leaf business?

 – You buy tea leaves of good quality and good organization.  And after reading the post, I understood where to find good quality tea and good brand tea.  Read the blog to know more about tea leaves.

 Do you have to buy tea? 

– Not at all.  Start a business by purchasing tea leaves from where you can get all kinds of benefits.  Since we are also doing branding so you can also take from us or take advice.

 Can I trade tea leaves? 

– Yes, of course, you can!  If you can arrange everything properly.  And if you think about the low price, it would be better not to do this business.

 The last word You are not a tea leaf business, you need to do deep research before starting any business.  If you do not do the right research, you will not get the right information.  And it is not true that you got all the information that you got from reading this article.  You read more, understand, then start a tea leaf business.  And you can take more information from us.  All will be well.


Shelf Life of Tea

The Shelf Life of Black Tea
Black tea is fully fermented, and it has a longer shelf life than green tea. Generally, the shelf life of black tea in bulk is about 18 months, while bagged tea is 24 months. Tins or aluminum foil bags for black tea can be stored for about 3 years, and paper bag is for 2 years.

The Shelf Life of Green Tea

Green tea belongs to unfermented tea and the average shelf life of green tea is approximately 18 months, then it begins to fade in flavor if keep it too long. However, under certain conditions, the shelf life still can be extended to more than three years. There are five enemies that should keep away: light, air, heat, moisture, and odor.

The Shelf Life of Oolong Tea

The Shelf Life of White Tea:
White tea is a special treasure among others, people say that the longer of the storage time, the higher medicinal value it will be. When properly stored, the shelf life of packaged tea is usually 2 years. It will be, it also known as “one-year tea, three-year medicine, seven-year treasure”

Oolong tea is a kind of semi-fermented tea, and the shelf life of this tea is about 2 years. But for loose leaf Oolong tea in bulk, the shelf life will be shorter.