Orthodox Green Tea- 01Kg


Products Description 

Catagory : Green Tea

Net.Wait : 1 Kg

Packet : Loose

Dalivary Time

Dhaka City: 1 Day. ( Home Dalivary)

Outside Dhaka: 2 Day ( Home Dalivary)


 what is green tea?

Many people understand green tea to mean its green color. But is it really? In the case of ordinary tea, it is processed to give a granular shape, but in the case of green tea, it is not. This type of processing is different from ordinary tea. In many cases small leaves remain.

The popularity of green tea is slowly increasing in other countries of the world like Japan and China considering its health benefits. Green tea can be stored faster than other teas. It is because of this difference in the processing of green tea that it can retain the highest antioxidants. Green tea contains a substance called polyphenols that help in weight loss and health benefits.

However, the caffeine in this type of tea is not mentioned in most green tea brands. This is something to keep in mind. If one inadvertently drinks green tea at night, his peaceful and comfortable sleep can be lost in an instant.


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