BTRI Green Tea- 250Gm


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Product: BTRI Green Tea

Wait : 250 gm

Catagory : Green Tea

Ploy Bag: loose Tea


Green tea is becoming more and more popular among tea lovers. It is equally effective in our beauty. This green tea is beneficial for lush fresh skin. Green tea contains a number of healthy nutrients, including anti-oxidants. Therefore, green tea extract is also used in making various cosmetics.

There are many more benefits of having green tea or green tea. Drinking green tea will protect the skin from the inside, so green tea can also be applied to normalize sunburned skin. This will remove the sun-burn feeling of the skin, as well as the skin will be fresh. The harmful effects of ultraviolet rays of sunlight can make your skin age at a young age.

The anti-oxidant of green tea protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays of sunlight, which protects the skin from aging at a young age. It acts on skin hormones to prevent acne and pimples. You will also benefit if you lightly soak green tea in water and apply it on the whole face.

The anti-oxidant of green tea also plays an important role in the fight against skin cancer. This ingredient in tea helps to prevent harmful enzymes from cancer. Green tea can also play a great role in relieving skin inflammation. In addition, this tea will help prevent the harmful effects of inflammatory diseases of the skin. This unique gift of nature is able to play a great role in the process of renewal of human cells. The ‘polyphenols’ in green tea can provide biological energy to older cells. Thus, green tea also helps to prevent premature aging.


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