BT-2 Tea- 500Gm


Products Description 

Catagory : Black Tea ( BT2)

Box : Loose Tea

Net. : 500Gm

Dalivary Time

Dhaka City : 24 Hour ( Home Dalivary)

Oute Site Dhaka : 48 Hour ( Home Dalivary)


Home, office, neighborhood hangout. The identity of the tea Bengali in words. But if you mix milk with tea, all is finished. Lots of liqueur tea. Heart stays good. Prevents cancer. Reduces the chances of diabetes. Increases immunity.

Researchers at the University of Berlin in Germany claim that liqueur tea dilates blood vessels, which are essential for the control of hypertension and heart disease. Catechins in tea are responsible for dilation of blood vessels. Milk contains casein. This prevents catechins. As a result, when milk is mixed with tea, the ability of the blood vessels to dilate completely disappears.

Researchers from the US Department of Agriculture claim that tea releases 15 times more insulin than normal cells. It is very important in controlling diabetes. But when milk is mixed with tea, the rate of insulin release decreases. If 50 grams of milk is mixed, insulin secretion is reduced by 90 percent. A pair of liqueur teas is also important for weight control. Milk- Liquor without sugar has 2 calories. Liquor tea with 1 teaspoon of sugar has 16 calories. Tea with 1 teaspoon of sugar and milk has 26 calories.

Heart is healthier than liqueur. Prevents cancer. Increases immunity. Prevents oral cancer. An antioxidant that prevents DNA damage, which contains plenty of liqueur. Strengthens bones. Liquor tea reduces stress. Increases digestion. Liquor tea also helps to increase energy. Stimulates the brain and nerves. Lowers cholesterol. The skin stays smooth. Liquor tea nourishes the hair.


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